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CERTIMIN SA, initially known as CIMM PERU SA, was created in 1995 to provide technical support to national and international mining companies, mainly in geochemistry.

In these twenty years of national presence, we have established long term partnership, achieving mutual benefits and having diversified our support, with environmental, metallurgical, operational and technological services for the mining and industrial sectors. All framed in a culture of continuous innovation, in order to offer higher benefits to our clients. Furthermore, we have expanded our coverage to on-site operations and strategic site locations in Arequipa and Puno (Juliaca).

With our renewed spirit, we are committed to all economic sectors in order to develop new technological services with high added value that optimize the efficiency of processes, maximize the utilization of resources and at the same time safeguard all aspects that could affect our environment.


Our operations are managed by an integrated system, led by quality, safety, environmental and technological policies. In this context, we are pleased to share with our clients, the benefits of: "ISO 9001 Certification for Physicochemical preparation and testing for geochemical, metallurgical and environmental samples. Environmental monitoring. Metallurgical testing at laboratory scale","NTP-ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation(www.inacal.gob.pe)", both, obtained more than ten years ago, additionally, we hold "Supplier Evaluation Certification, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ASTM and SNOASC membership".
It is important to acknowledge the contribution of all the administrative, executive and technical multidisciplinary staff of CERTIMIN as well as the valuable feedback received from our customers for the continued development of continuous improvement processes.

(*): Accredited methods found on the website of INACAL (www.inacal.gob.pe)